Being a leader in Highway

My name is Chelsea and I’ve been with Highway for a long time. Like, a really long time.

I actually was a student in Highway during my high school years, from fall 2002 until I graduated in the spring of 2006. So I’ve experienced it from both sides, as a student through all four years of high school and as an adult in both the volunteer and staff roles for the past five years.

One thing I can say about Highway is that I completely love it here. I think it’s pretty safe to say that when you’re an adult in your mid twenties/early thirties and you’re spending time with high school students, you’ve really got to love it. I love the events that we offer our students, that they give them more wholesome options in a world that is just telling them that they need to fast forward into the next stage of their life. I love the fellowship that we offer, letting our students experience what relationships look like with people who are not going to be judging them against worldly standards. And I love the mission trips and service events that we offer to our students that show them how much of an impact they can make when they take the time to focus a little less on themselves and a little more on the community and the world around them.

Sure, all night overnighters that force me to stay awake until 8am are rough. Sure, I’m exhausted at the end of our yearly missions trips. Sure, there are a lot of other ways that I could be spending my Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, and random Fridays and Saturdays, but do I want to? Absolutely not. If I can help contribute to the strong and healthy development of our youth, in any way that I can, I’m going to be doing just that. Am I crazy? Sometimes I think yes, especially after those 20 hour travel days on the way to and from our yearly summer mission trips, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because I know that I’m making a difference, even when I don’t see the immediate results.


If you’re a high schooler and haven’t visited Highway before, please stop by! I would love to get to know you.


Until next time,



Chelsea When Chelsea isn’t hanging around The Highway you can find her working as an Assistant Classroom Educator at La Fuente Dual Language Academy, planning her wedding with her fiance, hiking all over San Diego, or trying to force her grumpy english bulldog to cuddle.

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