Where would we be without our staff and volunteers? Highway especially owes so much to it’s awesome volunteer small group leaders, they selflessly give their time to us and to our students week after week. Want to know more about our staff? Read their bios below.


Our staff –



Chelsea is our high school ministries staff assistant. When she isn’t here at Highway she’s also a teacher’s assistant at a dual language charter school in Vista, CA. With a double major in Spanish and Sociology she is passionate about using the tools that God has given her to help the underprivileged and those in need throughout San Diego and the world. Before being hired on as a staff assistant she had been a volunteer small group leader in Highway for five years. Chelsea is a great resource for questions about our mission trips with Highway; she’s been on multiple mission trips to Mexico and Los Angeles, as well as our summer international trips to Panama, Ecuador, and Peru. She’s the current core group leader for the Junior and Senior girls. She’s traveled to 25 countries, lived in Spain for five months in the beginning of 2017 and loves to spend her free time hiking, camping, and spending lots of time outdoors.


Our volunteers –




Garrett is our longest running volunteer at the Highway, volunteering since he returned to San Diego after college in 2009. He is currently the core group leader for the Junior and Senior guys. Throughout the years, he has worked as a software designer, here at RBCPC on the communications team, and is now working in information security. Garrett is always there for anyone who needs a helping hand, and has helped almost all of our leaders move homes and apartments throughout the years. He loves playing D&D, doing martial arts, and speaking Japanese (he even went to Japan by himself for a couple of weeks in 2013!), and his favorite Highway events are the ones where he really gets to spend quality time getting to know the students.




Alex has been volunteering with the Highway for the last five years. When she is not volunteering with Highway she’s substitute teaching throughout San Diego. Alex is one of our most enthusiastic leaders, always welcoming our students with a big smile. She has  a passion for travel, studied abroad in Mexico for a year, and has gone on our international mission trips to Mexico, Panama, and Peru, and our domestic mission trips to South Dakota and Montana. Alex is the core group leader for the Freshman and Sophomore girls.